Official Selection: Wales International Film Festival

We are pleased to announce that Overwhelming Majority will be screening in Swansea, Wales, at the Wales International Film Festival in its inaugural year.  No screening data is available as of yet, but it is assumed that it will eventually be posted on their website.


Colorado Short Circuit, April

It’s a bit belated, but here are pics Joe took at the Colorado Short Circuit Film Festival back in April.

April 22, 2017. After Wales, Overwhelming Majority got one more chance to screen in the Springs, at a brand new iteration of the Indie Spirit Film Festival. Colorado Short Circuit showcases the work of Colorado filmmakers working in short films. I think for this version most of the featured films were made by people living […]

via On the festival circuit: Colorado Short Circuit — The Resurrected Camera

On the Festival Circuit: WIDF

I never would have considered traveling to Wales for a film festival if not for some generous offers of funding when I had just learned that Overwhelming Majority had been accepted. Unfortunately that funding fell through and I cancelled my plans, then decided very last minute that the opportunity to go was too good to pass […]

via On the festival circuit: Wales International Documentary Festival — The Resurrected Camera

Durango Independent Film Festival

We are pleased to announce that Overwhelming Majority is named in official selection at the 12th Annual Durango Independent Film Festival.  The entire schedule can be seen here.

We will be playing in front of The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Maddin, dir. Yves Montmayeur.  Showtimes are:
Friday, March 03 – 5:30PM – Animas City Theatre
Sunday, March 05 – 3:30PM – Gaslight 1